A luscious fuck-ton of human skull references.

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And I just thought of something that really ought to be mentioned; A very common mistake on drawing skulls is the eye sockets. People often make ‘em smooth and solid on the inside, but it’s not accurate to have ‘em completely closed off. There are holes in the eye sockets that lead to the inside of the skull, ‘cause the retinas connect the eyeballs to the back of the brain (so there’s obviously an open space for the nerve to travel through). Sealed-off sockets are aesthetic, and for people who don’t want to put any more work into a tangible model of one. Just be aware of that when you’re sketching it out.

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Voilà un très bon article qui m’inspire un projet personnel que je prévois depuis peu.
/ There is a very good article which inspires me a personal project that I planning since little time.

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Bryan Christie Design

Bryan Christie. I had seen this name over and over again in the fine print every time I saw a beautiful medical visual in a magazine. From Scientific American to Newsweek it seemed like Bryan Christie’s crisp, clear, and aesthetically pleasing visuals dominated medical editorial illustration. Problem was I had never heard of him in the rather small sphere of medical illustrators.


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